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Two Buff Girls is the creation of two friends who found each other through fitness. Their quest for finding a balanced fitness lifestyle in the extreme world of figure, bodybuilding, and fitness competition drew them together along a similar path – one of continual learning, knowledge, and practise. Their goal to live a full, happy, healthy and balanced life amongst the pressures and expectations of everyday life has motivated them to help and inspire others to do the same.

Jill Taylor

Jill Taylor

Jill Taylor is the founder and CEO of Activewear Online – www.activewearonline.com.au, one of Australia’s leading online fitness apparel retailers. When she isn’t busy co-ordinating globally with suppliers, she will most likely be found deep in the weights section of the gym or working out her food macros for the day.

Having lost over 30kg more than once in her life, Jill has been vocal in the balanced approach to contest prep within the fitness industry. After battles with post-natal depression and anxiety, she understands the need for balance in the search for happiness in everyday life.

She is inspired by anyone who is passionate about life and what they do. Having studied Computer Engineering; Marketing; Applied Science; and Myotherapy – she is highly motivated and now spends her free time inspiring others to get actively involved with their own health and fitness via her website www.jilltaylor.com.au. She lives in Melbourne with her soulmate Mark who is an interesting mix of bodybuilder and artist, and their beautiful son who keeps them both on their toes.

Charlotte Hailey

Charlotte Hailey

Charlotte specialises in project management, application design for user experience, and data management applications. Her skills in delivering medium to large scale marketing projects has allowed her to understand the importance of ensuring seamless customer journeys and efficient back office process to maximise profitability and productivity. She has studied Human Medical Sciences, Acupuncture, and is a Cert III qualified fitness instructor.

Having overcome many obstacles in her early adulthood and finding refuge in the weights room, she has cultivated the same disciplined and consistent approach required to compete several times in the figure division and applied it to her personal and professional life with great success.

Recent extensive travel and networking within the international fitness and bodybuilding industry inspired and motivated her, fuelling her desire to share sound knowledge and evidence based practices. Her goals revolve around ensuring that with each connection she makes (be it personal or professional), she can in some way enrich another’s experience.

Charlotte is also the proud Aunt of two nieces and her hobbies include mountain biking, hiking, reading, writing, and travel.